Monday, May 17, 2010

Extreme Unicycle Photography


I have dabbled in sports photography a few times over the years and have found it can be a lot of fun, if the sport is extreme enough. My latest bit of dabbling has certainly been extreme. Unicycling, extreme unicycling that is. This is my friend Corbin Dunn, World Marathon Unicycle Champion. He rode 26 miles on his unicycle to win that title. He does some amazing things on a unicycle.


The photograph in this post is a composite of four photographs taken at high speed. The trick to making a photograph like this is to use a camera that does high speed and use a tripod. The tripod is key because it reduces the amount of photoshop work later. All photos were processed in Aperture 3.0 and finished up in Photoshop CS 4.

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melissa said...

cool pics, I'd love to see such stunts in live