Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Review: Klean Kanteen and SIGG Water Bottles

Kleen Kanteen and SIGG water bottles are my first choice water bottles. I used plastic bottles for years but the taste of plastic and reading made me change out my water bottles. Both brands have sizes that fit in most drink holders.

The SIGG bottles are a bit lighter than the Kleen Kanteen bottles since they are enamel coated aluminum but shouldn't be frozen or put into a dish washer. The Kleen Kanteen bottles are stainless steal, toxic free, dishwasher safe and can be used with hot and cold liquids. The Kleen Kanteen bottles are a bit noisy to open since they are stainless cap and a stainless bottle. The SIGG bottles have a plastic top which is much quieter. SIGG bottles have nice pretty designs which appeal to some people. If you like the stainless look then the Kleen Kanteen bottles will appeal to you.

Both water bottles are great bottles. Each has some advantages over the other but both are light and taste free. When backpacking I'd prefer to use SIGG, but day to day I prefer the Kleen Kanteen bottles since they can be cleaned in a dish washer and can handle any liquid you can put in it.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Review: Kinesys Performance Sunscreen

Kinesys Performance Sunscreen is my preferred sunscreen when outdoors, and I'm outdoors a lot when photographing. It spreads evenly on your skin and doesn't feel heavy like other sunscreens. Since it's not oil based I can put it on my face and use my camera and not get the back of the camera greasy. I prefer the fragrance-free version above, but if you like fragrance in your sunscreen there are colored bottles that have smells you may like.

When the Missus and I went to Costa Rica we used nothing but this sunscreen, applied it multiple times a day and didn't get one burn. The reason this is so impressive is that Costa Rica was so hot and humid and the sunscreen stayed on and worked. It truely is water and sweat resistant.