Thursday, June 4, 2009

DSLR Sensor Cleaning

I just updated my two year old post on sensor cleaning with my latest process changes. The biggest change is how I scrub the sensor with swabs and links to the equipment that I use to do it.

Arctic Butterfly Sl 700

Sensor Brushes

Type 1 Sensor Swab

Type 2 Sensor Swab

Type 3 Sensor Swab

Eclipse Cleaning Solution


The photo above is from my backpacking trip last October in Sequoia National Park. This photo was taken just after a very large storm at twilight from Crabtree Meadows. Just to the left of that mountain in the center and barely visible is Mt. Whitney. The storm came on suddenly and left a lot of people stranded on Whitney. The next morning we heard and saw a dozen or more helicopters rescuing hikers. Many of them were day hikers that weren't prepared.